Advanced technology is indiscernible from magic

Vanilla Circus© Ltd is where SEO meets technology. The internet is becoming a more crowded space and to succeed in your company’s SEO needs to be better planned and executed.

SEO like all other technologies changes and develops at speed, what ranked a site #1 last year might not work this year.

Creative insight and the SEO experience

At VC we have the creative insight and the SEO experience to combine into a technology that offers our clients sustained organic search traffic, increased lead generation and an internet presence that baffles their competitors.

We use industrial SEO solutions.

By merging our research with our technical skills, we speak of creating 1000s of web pages on 100s of your websites.

SEO is no longer about a blog or adding a link, it is about harnessing technical power with SEO expertise and creating your company’s own part of the internet.

Part of the technology we use for understanding Google’s algorithmic changes include:

Standard code for accessing and categorising data. PHP and MYSQL, HTML, Python, Perl, ASP

Internet spiders and bots

What do we use them for?

Well, we use them to scrape data, extract domains, measure progress, spy on competitors, copy large chunks of the internet, test new SEO tools, find new backlinks or test SEO theories.

Our own search engine algorithm (

When you spend time scraping data and then indexing large databases so they actually work in something approaching real time you soon learn what a monumental task Google has of copying, indexing and sorting out the internet.

Our spiders can fill a regular PC hard drive in under half an hour. We have 20 computers linked up as a cloud to then process the data and it is so slow.

Whilst it is adequate for testing purposes it shows us how many SEO myths are simple undoable and lets us take our hats off to the exceptional job that Google does.

If you need answers to complicated SEO questions then get in touch.

Last fact checked and updated on June 22, 2021


Last fact checked and updated on June 22, 2021