KPIs: defining targets and goals

Clients can select what SEO metrics they would like to see
reported on. This can also include individual goals, like revenue targets etc.

Example KPIs

Measuring the result

Deciding on KPIs means VC can set accurate targets and goals.


  • Keyword Ranking Increases (SERPS)
  • Increase in organic traffic
    • Users
    • New Users
  • Increase in Social media traffic
  • All Traffic (month on month)


  • Bounce Rate
  • Pages/Session
  • Top Exit Pages
  • GA analysis of user journey
  • Number of sales or enquires (month on month)


  • Goal competitions/conversions (organic search)
  • Percentage increase in organic leads
  • Conversion ratios
  • New customers / returning customers

Reputation Management

  • Number of reviews
    1. Good reviews/Poor reviews
  • Google, Trustpilot, Facebook etc.

Backlink/Domain strength

  • Domain metrics MOZ and Majestic (month on month)
  • New or existing backlinks

Achieving objectives

We do not need information on your financial targets. We need to agree on a system of indicators that will let us know that your campaign is successful.

Please provide information about

  • What deliverables are to be agreed upon?
  • What are you trying to grow?
  • How much do you want to grow?
    • New advertisers (+enquiries)
    • Spend/Revenue
    • Growth by Areas/region
    • Combination of products
    • Sales by product


  1. What metrics would you like to be reported on month to month?
  2. Choose KPIs from the previous page (7) that you want to be included in your report
  3. Who needs to see the report and how would you like it delivered?
    1. Who needs to be CC’d in
    2. Would you like to receive a physical report?

Last fact checked and updated on June 2, 2021