Vanilla Circus© has a strict work code to follow, which has been set out for over 12 years. These rules have been put in place to ensure that our output is of the highest quality and has the greatest impact on improving and increasing our client’s web traffic, enquiry numbers and sales.

The below is our commitment between VC and a client and forms the minimum level of service that is expected.

Client expectations

Vanilla Circus© forms a partnership with its clients.

  1. All clients can expect VC to learn about their products and services.  We make a strong emotional and intellectual investment into a client’s campaign.
  2. So that our work is both thorough and successful we need to know far more about your products and services than your customers do.
  3. All clients can expect VC to not only know their competitors but to have run a fine-tooth comb through their websites and taken note of any strengths and weaknesses.
  4. VC understands that all clients are extremely busy. Clients only have a responsibility to answer any questions that VC has. They are not required to have any other input. We do not require clients to create content or outline strategy.

Costs and time

  1. As VC does not work with tangible products and spend our time writing content and code we have devised a simple system of accountability. Or clients actually buy hours of our time. At the end of the month, all of that time has to be accounted for.
  2. All strategic planning for a month is based on the allocated amount of time. Currently, VC charges £90 an hour. At the end of the month, we can only charge the contracted rate and cannot increase this charge or make additional charges without client agreement in advance.


  1. We offer three-month rolling contracts with notice given at any time.
  2. We find the 90 day periods are required within organic search, as the work we do today has a time delay, as Google’s algorithm needs a period of time to re-calculate a website’s score.

The rolling aspect and the ‘notice given any time’ clause helps to keep both parties focused and hard working.


  1. Regardless of what level of input VC has into a client’s online presence; a strategy is written and agreed upon before we begin any work. This plan forms the outline of all work we do for a client.
  2. It is flexible and can be changed as we progress month by month and see the results of our work.

Clients can expect VC to fully understand a client’s target audience.

Clear deliverables

  1. With a strategy in place, we outline our deliverables. These are basically how we are going to split the client allocated time into what will be delivered.
  2. This could be for example an hours phone consultation, 10 pages of content,  30 new backlinks, 25 pages optimised and interlinked and so.

The basis is that the client knows exactly what they are buying and what they are going to receive.

Creative input

  1. VC is a highly creative team, clients can expect their team to look into additional ways to sell clients products.
  2. Clients can expect Vanilla Circus© to look at ALL additional keywords and other sources of web traffic.
  3. Clients can expect us to look at their current website’s landing pages and navigation and make recommendations based on our findings always searching for alternative means of increasing your bottom line.

Open communication

  1. All customers single point of reference. This contact person is always Mr Sykes.
  2. Mr Sykes is available Monday to Friday from 8 AM to 6 PM. Should Mr Sykes in a meeting he will contact you after the meeting is finished.
  3. Clients can speak to any team member. Vanilla Circus© does not close for holidays and we are always available to talk.

Quality Control

  1. All work is undertaken to the highest quality. We ensure quality by having a comprehensive system of checks and proofing. All staff work in teams of two with both partners checking the others work.
  2. Before any work can be approved or made live, Mr Sykes has to thoroughly evaluated it and agreed its fit into a client’s strategy. We also take note of clients brand guidelines.

Staff expertise and continued training

All staff are fully trained, with the relevant qualifications for their role. All staff continue their training throughout their careers in time Vanilla Circus. Google’s technology does not stand still and neither do we.

All staff are specialists in their own fields but can turn their hands on all aspects of SEO.


All clients receive 30+ paper or digital reports outlining the following. We operate a policy of no report no invoice

  1. A summary of this month’s successes and milestones.
  2. A month by month web traffic comparison including all channels organic search, PPC, direct, social media and referral traffic
  3. Monthly comparison of Google rankings updated daily
  4. Monthly comparison for the number of sales or enquiries
  5. Monthly comparison of the number of backlinks. Backlinks are further divided into a number of backlinks and the number of referring domains. Also included are external metrics like Majestic SEO citation and trust scores and Moz DA PA.
  6. A summary of what on-page and off-page optimisation was completed this month
  7. A next steps list of what work is to be done next month
  8. A concise and exact list of exactly what content is code was changed or added see
  9. A list of content and domains that were secured as backlinks

Up to date: Ongoing Research

  1. Clients can expect that VC is aware of and keep up-to-date with all of the latest changes in online technology and changes in Google’s algorithms and any other popular social media platforms.
  2. In practice, all staff members have their own research projects which are carried out on Friday afternoons. These can include research into code optimisation, data optimisation or the use of language.
  3. There are also several projects that looked for improvements in customer conversion and different ways of increasing revenue through visual signals. More information is available on request


  1. Results are not included within this SLA. This is because we do not control or own Google. It would be remiss and unprofessional to guarantee a final position in Google’s index.
  2. What we do guarantee a client’s website we are a far more effective marketing vehicle in promoting their products, service brand.
  3. We guarantee that the content and code we have written will be of the highest quality. We guarantee to provide content that is both persuasive and engaging.


This Agreement is made in BETWEEN all VC clients (the ‘Disclosing Parties’) and Vanilla Circus© Ltd, (the ‘Receiving Party’), collectively referred to as the “Parties”.

1.0 A VC client is defined as any company, person or business that has paid a VC invoice for any SEO services.

2.0 Confidential Information In this Agreement ‘Confidential Information’ means all information designated as confidential or commercially sensitive, or which ought reasonably to be considered confidential, disclosed (whether in writing, orally or by any other means whether directly or indirectly) by or on behalf of one party (the ‘Disclosing Parties’) to the other (the ‘Receiving Party’) whether before or after the commencement of this Agreement in connection with the supply of online services including, without limitation, any information relating to clients, personnel, suppliers, products, operations, methodologies, processes, developments, plans, intentions, product information, know-how, design rights, trade secrets, market opportunities, business affairs and the terms of, and fees payable under, any contract between the parties together with all information or materials derived from the above.

2.1 It is acknowledged that in the course of working with the Disclosing Parties, they will have access to Confidential Information and have agreed to accept the following restrictions: 2.2 They shall not (except in the proper course of their duties) either during the engagement or at any time after the termination date, use or disclose to any person, firm or company (and shall use their best endeavours to prevent the publication or disclosure of) any Confidential Information. This restriction does not apply to:

2.2.1 Any use or disclosures authorised by the Disclosing parties or required by law; or
2.2.2 Any information which is already in, or comes into, the public domain otherwise than through The Receiving Party’s unauthorised disclosure.

3.0 Return of Information Unless the Disclosing Parties have agreed otherwise in writing, on request, upon completion of the purpose or immediately on termination of this Agreement, the Receiving Party shall return any and all materials that contain any of the other party’s Confidential Information including (but not limited to) all documents, plans, data, reports, specifications, any other materials whatsoever and all copies made of them and provide confirmation in writing from an authorised officer that this clause has been complied with.

4.0 Governing Law and Jurisdiction The creation, construction and performance of this Agreement shall be subject to English law and the parties hereby submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.

SLA penalties

  1. There are no penalties based on results. There are however penalties based on failure to provide either the allotted hours as agreed in advance contract or the output agreed in a client strategy document.
  2. As with all plans and campaigns, there are always changes. VC reserve the right to have a degree of flexibility as long as this has been clearly communicated to a client.

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Last fact checked and updated on June 29, 2021

Last fact checked and updated on June 29, 2021