Technical Checklist

Technical SEO is the darling of the SEO industry. As Google’s algorithm gets more and more advanced it is become less and less important, moving more toward content and language optimisation.

All Tasks that need a time allocation

  1. Site Speed checking and monitoring
    1. Recommendations passed to the developer
  1. Google search console
    1. Generate and Submit A Sitemap
    2. Indexing/manual action changes
    3. Find and report Crawl Errors
  1. Broken links
    1. Redirect/Replace Broken Links & Resources
    2. Report links we cannot fix and write 301 code for support
    3. Repair and edit the links we can
  1. Audit Internal anchor text/Links
  2. Remove Duplicate Content
  3. Use Structured Data to Highlight Content
  4. Check that metadata is correct
  5. Check that menu/breadcrumb data is correct
  6. Check use of H1 etc is correct
  7. Introduce AMP (not currently possible)

Last fact checked and updated on May 21, 2021