Who hates SEO the most?

1. UK businessmen and women

The SEO industry in the UK has a bad name. There are so many cowboys that we are hearing horror stories on a weekly basis.

You would expect these stories to include SEO companies in India or aboard but they don’t. They include well-known companies in the UK that offer such a poor service that business owners are literally in tears as they describe the money they have wasted on SEO.

Recent new client SEO horror stories

  1. Paying £1600.00 pcm for 2 blogs a month.
  2. Paying £48,000.00 per annum for 80 blogs or varying quality that was not actually placed on the client’s website.
  3. Being told that content was not part of SEO and that changing a site’s metadata was all that was required (cost £11,800 pa).
  4. Being told that “we cannot report on what we have done because that would give away all of our secrets.”
  5. “We cannot report because you would not understand.”
  6. “No, the SEO has not worked because you did not pay enough.”
  7. “Backlinks to your website are black hat and not required any more'”
  8. “Google just knows which sites to rank highly and has decided that yours is not one of them sorry (£2500.00 per month for 7 months.”
  9. Being told that SEO is finished and that PPC is the only way to gain traffic
  10. Being told that you need to have 2000 words on every page.
  11. Being told that if you link to other websites Google will ban you.
  12. Taking a client’s money and not actually doing anything. Manchester SEO company £1995.00 PCM for 24 months.

2. Web designers

Web designers have a low opinion of SEOs. This is for three reasons.

a) SEOs just messes up the home page and internal page designs by adding content and removing background videos and over large images.

b) By insisting on images being names and optimised and that urls actually have a structure and a recognisable name

c) Now for the real reason, the above are just annoyances. Web designers have for years being adding SEO onto their client’s projects with no idea of actually how to achieve it.

Ever month Vanilla Circus gets a phone call from a Design agency asking if we could take over their SEO. When we visit their websites we see that they already offer it. When we ask what type of SEO do they undertake they are vague.

3. Web Developers

Developers are logical. If they are not their systems and software will not work. They are solution-based.

SEOs want certain things and interfere with how a system works and what it can do. SEOs are seen as amateurs. They know a little HTML which is not really coding and insist on knowing all of the working of Google and what will or not work.

In fairness to developers, SEOs give them a hard time.

But, but but… SEO is a black art, it is rocket science that is constantly changing and not for the average coder to even being to understand. Often the SEO requests are not necessary and are actually not only painful to code but expensive.

SEOs are seen as upsetting the balance of logic and code. But clients listen to them and tell the developers to pay attention or ship out. SEOs also have a habit of blaming developers for SEO failure!

4. Content writers and storytellers

William ShakespeareImagine sitting with William Shakespeare and telling him that his work is really good, but could he add more keywords, like “plumber Luton, plumber London and boiler repair.”

Oh, and why he is there can he like add some H1s and few things in bold. Ta Will.

The phrase ‘SEO Content writers’ was the death knell for any type of relationship between creative content writers and SEOs.

Fortunately, Google’s work around semantics has changed the need to plaster keywords around content but there are still a lot of misconceptions like SEO content is for search engines and not for people which about sums things up.

When VC hire new content writers the first thing we tell them is to forget all they know about SEO and just write!

Last fact checked and updated on October 20, 2020