What SEO is and what it isn’t is not what this blog is about. It is what SEO is perceived as.

My name is Benedict Sykes and I have generated over 52,000,000 visits to client’s websites in 10 years. I am an SEO consultant based in London.

SEO in 2019 meeting rooms in the UK

SEO is anything that is not paid search, ie PPC or anything social, ie social media. It is what is commonly prescribed as the way websites will earn their money.  It is often seen as separate to web design, content, branding and user journies.

SEO is something you sort of add at the end of the meal.

The number of times I have sat in a meeting and been asked can’t Vanilla Circus blog a bit, do we really have to optimise top-level service pages or product pages,

“I mean our last SEO company we stopped using, never touch the actual website, they just wrote blogs.”

It is an annoying extra in the world of digital marketing that sees SEO as a necessary evil that is neither interesting nor creative. It is what defines online or Google marketing as opposed to radio advertising.

It is no longer much to do with technical SEO. When “search engine optimation” is mentioned in meetings it is always with a vague mention to meta-titles and keywords.

Technical SEO is seen as so beneath most Digital Marketers as to be practically unmentionable.

SEO is now seen as a necessary but a LAST process in marketing a website. I often sit in a meeting and wait patiently till the team has finished talking about images, design and branding till they are ready to bring in SEO. Even then there is an audible sign.

“And of course, we need SEO, lots of nodding heads.”

Web designers and content writers immediately switch off as SEO is seen as the enemy of creative brand building and effective storytelling. Web developers to find SEOs annoying as it can often conflict with their logic. See WHY everyone hates SEOs.