I attend a lot of meetings.

If the client has an in-house Digital Marketing team then I am in for a treat of jargon and nonsense.
I have to learn to grit my teeth and understand that some SEOs might find a consultant with 15 years of SEO experience a little daunting.

Feel free to post comments for any new inclusions!

1 Martech (Marketing + Technology)

Martech is a combination of marketing and technology. All digital marketing is dealing with martech, ie you use a computer and you create content. More American than British but was I was asked how long I had been in Martch. I thought she said Manchester and replied I lived in London.

2. PAA

People Also ask (der)

Found myself using this one as Google questions or Google Q&A sounds so lame. We spent part of 2018 having a contest on how many we could get in one month.

It’s not really rocket science and you would be surprised at how many users DONT click on the questions!  It’s really called featured snippets or Organic answer boxes!

Clients strangely were not that impressed?  More here.

3. Blue Links (+/- top ten)

Yes, I thought porn as well. This means the first page results of a Google search. (Organic only). Only ever heard it once in Luton or all places. Is it a regional thing?

4. Black Box

Old term. (2013) Refers to software or software systems that are not only complex but also either misunderstood or hard to comprehend. Heard this at IT company meet and greet. They were referring to Google’s algorithm. Comes from an aircraft’s black box which conversely makes it easier to understand why it crashed. More.

5. Local pack

First local results in Google for businesses in the area that have bothered to add their company to Google local. Clients love Google local also called Google my Business. The name changes a lot. Clients like it and so do crummy SEO companies. Can be spammed for more locations. High impression rate and really poor CTR.

Due to  IP Location Finder software and Google recording your every move and location, it is irrelevant now. Looks pretty on Google maps though.

6. Churn and burn SEO

I loathe this one and I have heard it at least once a year. It actually means mass spamming a site with backlinks.

However, clients have used it for creating masses on content around a subject that is keyword led and aimed at targeting low hanging fruit keywords.

“Content only for search Engines.” No one is going to read it anyway is the normal comment. This type of conversation happens when the Head of Marketing is a PPC advocate without a creative bone in their body. These clients we tend to walk away from. The internet is not Yellow Pages.

Last fact checked and updated on May 21, 2021