7 killer ways to create content that sells every time [new]

Creating new pages/Page Structure

Want to improve your content, follow these seven rules and watch you engagement rise and bounce rate fall.

1. Rules

  • All pages are written for a keyword/keyphrase
  • All pages are designed to be or to support keywords SERPs
  • No links in the first few paragraphs
  • Internal links can be added to the remaining paragraphs
  • External links lower still if possible
  • Or used in citation sense

2. Documents required

  • Client’s keywords
  • Client’s list of pages
  • Client’s SERPs results
  • Client’s list of USPs

3. Q&A Research

  • WHO am I addressing? Target audience, man or women, young or old
  • WHAT do I want the user to do?
  • Which keywords are the highest traffic generators
  • These need including in the page
  • Refer to client keyword document
  • Refer to SERPs to see where a site ranks today for keyword
  • Which keyword group are you trying to improve the SERPs of
  • Hub pages
  • Refer to a client list of pages which pages are hub pages
  • What other pages could be linked to LOGICALLY
  • This defines the URL of the page and its position in the site’s architecture
  • Search Google for keyphrase
  • Copy ‘Searches related to ________’
  • Use these as possible paragraph headings
  • Include all RELEVANT of these within the content
  • Search  http://www.thesaurus.com/ for synonyms
  • List different ways of saying the same thing

Content Sandwich

Use this structure to create content for ANY page. Remember any page can be a landing page.


  • Start with a working title: Header SALES (1 sentence)
  • SEARCH Google and copy any advert tag lines that catch your eye
  • Use these are the H1 for the page
  • Ensure it catches the interest of the user / Change slightly
  • Use strong frank language hate/love/ brilliant etc
  • Stay accurate and short, add bracketed clarification to your headline, use [] if long</li
  • Ie (Internet Ad spent is about to Surpass TV Ad spend [new report])
  • INTRODUCTION (2-3 sentences MAX)
  • Clear and concise ‘about the company’ in relation to this page’s THEME
  • Add FACT to back up the intro
  • This needs to be based on a FACT about the company
  • refer to client USP document
  • Could at a pinch be a statistic (ie 34% of women prefer blah!)
  • MUST use person/name
  • Image must have a person in


  • Add PROOF of claim
  • Testimonial
  • Facebook likes
  • Certification / Awards
  • Customer fact
  • Facebook likes / Social
  • Videos
  • Image of a fixed asset


  • First soft CTA: Call us / apply here / contact

The “meat” i.e what is this page about

  • This forms the”meat” i.e what is this page about
  • Attempt to second guess the users’ query
  • Briefly discuss a specific issue/problem user may have
  • https://answerthepublic.com/ use this site to see what Q&A is being asked
  • What information do they need to make a purchase or to read on?
  • WHY they should use/buy here-  Make the value clear
  • Specify the next ACTION
  • Hard CTAs: Call us / apply here / contact
  • Benefit for not leaving the page and contacting/buying now

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Last fact checked and updated on May 21, 2021