Search Engine Optimisation

Search engine optimisation is the plague of the internet. It lends itself to manipulation, tricks and other means of deceiving Google into ranking a website above others. What gets lost is content and information that is worth reading. Fortunately, VC SEO takes note of the user, The result, excellent, informative content that sells your company and turns users into customers.

Advanced Search Engine Optimisation

True search engine optimisation is actually about creating websites and web pages that users want to find. Google’s algorithm is simply trying to be human, it tries to recognise exactly how a web page will be presented when written by someone either truly ecclesiastical truly knowledgeable about a subject.

There was a time when it was as simple as repeating a keyword more times than your competitor and your site would appear higher in search engine rankings.

Quickly search engine optimisation developed a number of flavours, bolding words ending paragraphs with keywords ending pages with core keywords using italics bullet points underlining, using anchor text keywords (links), external links, more internal links, use of colours, different colours, images, image names, image links, using image names with image links to the same page, another page and so …

It is an exhausting process. It is also a flawed process. Google makes changes to its algorithm with Penguin and Panda updates being two of many updates that look to improve its index. The rules change. But which rules?

If you believe Google when it says the changes algorithm are centred around improving search results to its users. This being the case, surely if you create a web page that is both readable, informative, and useful, then any changes in an algorithm to improve searchability would mean your excellent website, full of interest, passion and enthusiasm for the topic, would climb to the top.

Unfortunately, things are not quite as simple, as Google’s algorithm changes and improvements, it is still a computer, and has to abide by rules of logic. Its intelligence is probably that of a 10-year-old child.

What Vanilla Circus excel at is a combination of correct and successful search engine optimisation (manipulation) with an improved presentation of the client’s information online.

Constant research helps in this process, to anticipate changes well before they happen, and to ensure consistency and longevity to our clients SEO success.

Whilst VC does not publish research we are happy to outline the work we are doing in regards to SEO search engine optimisation. We are looking currently at the use of language, grammar, and tone in order to improve our SEO.

Last fact checked and updated on June 22, 2021

Last fact checked and updated on June 22, 2021