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Vanilla Circus© is very fortunate in having a ‘search’ research environment of over 2000 websites, spread across several continents and hosting on multiple servers.

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Study in both real-time and weekly or monthly statistics

We can study in both real-time and in weekly or monthly statistics to see what is happening on the Internet and monitor and analyse changes on Google. We refer to this as ‘the network’. Currently, the network gains traffic of over 10 million people worldwide. We are primarily interested in changes in Google algorithm scoring system.

This “network” makes VC unique in the SEO community. It is only by having websites literally on every subject, from ten-page mini-sites to monster directories and large information sites that we can study SEO be able to anticipate changes in customer search behaviour, and, more importantly, protect our clients from all Google updates.

How do we do this? Because these are the exact same changes we would make if we owned Google.


We used to publish findings. However, as most of our research indicated that current SEO beliefs and practices, whilst having a grain of truth, were in fact fallacies and that a number of search definitions are in fact quite wrong.

Keyword research is naturally vital. The success of an SEO campaign is dependent on getting this piece of work right.

Why? Because this affects the visibility of your website for the terms in the keyword list, and the list is the result of the keyword research.

We are able to apply keyword-by-keyword strategies which are designed to improve the ranking for each individual keyword that we can measure.

This means we no longer have to use the ‘hunches’ about what a good keyword is that our competitors seem to rely on, and enables us to sensibly prioritise keywords by traffic volume and conversion rates. We use this same process to routinely audit the flow of traffic over time, which enables us to respond early to any changes in the market with a coherent strategy.

Our focus is always on finding the potential customer by the keywords that they use. This supports our development of the long tail or secondary keywords which is where the truly substantial gains are made.

Clients want to hear their telephones ringing and their P&L accounts moving in the right direction

Our clients want to hear their telephones ringing and their P&L accounts moving in the right direction, so they are more than happy to take advantage of all that we discover. Whilst we are not presumptuous to think our clients could be interested in all of what we do, we realise they have businesses to run.

Research: Tracking and reacting to changes in visitor behaviour

One thing VC takes very seriously is our research into search.

We have over 3000 thousand websites which we study in real-time what we’re looking for change in user search behaviour. We used to publish white papers on our data and will be discovered to be true or false.

We stop doing this was plainly obvious that the vast majority of SCO agencies had neither the interest nor the inclination to change.

SEO rules appear to be set in stone.

What has become apparent in our latest study (2015 to 2017) is that the Internet user is becoming more search savvy and more impatient. A users time spent on a webpage has fallen from 2.7 seconds to 2.3.

Users and is less likely to be content with Google’s results for inaccurate keywords. Search is becoming dominated by the longer tail, or the keyword is being replaced by the key phrase.

For example, this is further illustrated by the use of geographical searches, where the user does not want any solicitor, they want a solicitor in their local area.

Vanilla Circus© believes in accountability and analysis in order to modify strategy, to achieve SEO success.

Last fact checked and updated on June 22, 2021