Crystal clear SEO prices

You buy our time in blocks or 10, 20 or 30 hours.

We charge £80 per hour. What we do in that hour is up to you. There is nothing we cannot do. From optimising pages to writing new content and restructuring a website to backlink outreach. The hourly cost remains the same.

£80 represents a unit of time. A senior SEO consultant is £160 per hour, a content writer £44 ph, a web designer £74 and so on. £80 represents a good average cost per hour.

We also offer transparent SEO packages that are designed to be inclusive, affordable and effective.

SLAs: With have clear service levels and deliverables

Time can be used in any capacity

That unit of time can be used in any capacity from an SEO consultant working on a strategy and direction to a content writer, to a web developer or web design working on a single project etc.

It’s useful to remember that Good SEO costs the same as Bad SEO. Currently, we work with budgets of between £1700 – £8500 pcm. Customers with smaller budgets or wish to pay less then please contact us directly and we may be able to recommend another company or freelancer.

There is nothing that we cannot turn our hand to regarding Google

One-off project or contract pricing

Clients buy our time in blocks of 10, 20, 30, or 40 hours. This can be on a one-off project basis or on a monthly contract. The majority of clients buy between 20 and 30 hours pcm. Blocks of hours are available on a contract or one-off payment basis.  All work is scheduled to be finished in one calendar month.

The difference between contract pricing and single project pricing is that the contract client gets on average 15% more time completely free of charge. Hourly rates are lower.

Also the more involved we are within a project the more ideas we generate and the better in general our SEO results.

All prices are exclusive of VAT. All payment terms are initially in advance and with a 7 day payment term.

Real value for money with some of the most impressive SEO results in the UK

We provide a competitively priced professional service that is reliant on a good reputation, positive recommendations and represents value for money.

We always exceed expectations, and always complete the work we have agreed to a very high standard.

Vanilla Circus© are extremely professional and believe in transparency at cost level. We will undertake all work agreed on a month to month basis.

If additional work is required, we will let you know in advance what the work is, how much it will cost and why we are not able to do it in the agreed contract.

We are always here to speak about your campaign or to explain what we are doing and why. Regardless of your budget gives us a call on 020 8405 6418 and we see if your results expectations match your spend.

Before starting

Before any money changes hands we want to ensure that we can really help your business’s website gain new traffic and new enquiries. You would be amazed at the number of simple ways we can actually save you money off your monthly fees and how you may be able to streamline your SEO spend by being more targeted.

Let’s beat your competitors

How do I know I am getting what I am paying for

Good question.

Within all our proposals is a section called deliverables. This is the minimum of work you would receive from Vanilla Circus in a month.

Example Deliverables

Minimum deliverables every month include:

  1. 2 hours consultancy and analysis
  2. 18 pages of content / 10 existing pages improved upon
  3. 18 web pages created on either/both  websites

Strategist/Analysis/Project Manage
2 hour

  • Organise and articulate campaign progression to team and client
  • Analyse SEO results
  • Reporting on work achieved
  • Agree and communicate all next steps per month
  • Be the main point of contact

On page Engineer

8 hours

  • Create all-new web content blog/pages
    • Proofing and corrections
    • Uploaded/added to CMS
    • Optimised and interlinked to site

Content writers

20 hours 

  • Write 18 new pages of content
  • Engage CC team for inspiration, agreement and sign off
  • Proof and fact check the content
  • Make agreed changes and alterations
  • Source images (maybe a charge)
  • Manage the creation of new pages

Pay by results or by a credit

VC does not offer any pay by results SEO pricing models. We also do not offer any system of buying SEO credits towards work needed doing in the future.

Last fact checked and updated on September 2, 2021