Mr Benedict Sykes, Founder of VC

Mr Sykes, our founder

“Ben Sykes is the SEO Consultants’ Consultant. Hugely respected as one of the UK’s leading experts in organic Search, Mr Sykes is arguably one of the most prolific publishers of websites in the United Kingdom, if not in Europe”

Mr Sykes

Mr Sykes started his career as a humble web designer. With over 14 years of experience in working online for a number of Brands, Mr Sykes founded this prestigious SEO company in 2009 and has watched it grow from strength to strength.

Coming from a marketing culture, has given him two great strengths that appear lacking in the SEO market today: Firstly, Mr Sykes has an encyclopaedic understanding of the internet and a true appreciation of its importance and power in the market place.

Secondly, and in part because of this respect for the web, he has no wish to mislead or misdirect any of his clients.

When you speak to Mr Sykes professionally, he will convey an expert, insightful appraisal of your website and current web-marketing plan, and will outline proven strategies that have led many companies to trust his judgement implicitly.

Unlike so many of his self-styled competitor companies, he has imbibed all those who work for him to value honesty, integrity and transparency.

Nowhere in his company will you hear exaggerated claims, nor be sold instant results that vanish just as quickly. He will not pretend to you that the colour scheme of a website will improve its traffic, nor that saturating it with keywords will increase its visibility.

He will, however, tell you what works – and, as many of his clients will tell you, that if you wish to follow a strategy he has no faith in, he will insist that you go to another company and come back when you find that it doesn’t work.

And when you do come back, you will find that Mr Sykes not only oversees all the work that his company does from a technical and strategic point of view, but that all the works carried out according to his philosophy: that all clients are treated with the utmost respect; are kept informed of all progress.

But perhaps the most striking facet of working with Mr Sykes, as a client or as an employee, is his contagious enthusiasm for the internet. He sees the remarkable potential for a plethora of ways in which this medium is yet to be used.

He is a true pioneer of new programming, of new strategies, and in using new technologies. He constantly encourages his team to play around with ideas, to think outside the box, to make suggestions, to test theories and to propose alternative plans. Incur lab, we invent, we trial, and, if it works, we discuss new innovations without customers and implement them.

Mr Sykes approaches every new challenge and each new client with an open mind, not an open mouth. He offers an honest SEO Consultancy – hard to believe perhaps, but true.

Last fact checked and updated on June 22, 2021