How we work

How does it work?

Where do you start | How do I know what you are doing

VC has been in business for over 13 years. In this time we have created clear processes of how to onboard a client and how to keep that client firmly in the loop.

Making a start

Client onboarding is a simple task that starts off with a discovery phase. Here we learn about our new client, their business and their markets. We start collating documents that lists the companies strengths, USPs and web presence. More


Reporting is a document that lists exactly what work we have done and what results we have achieved. More.

Example KPIs

Measuring the result, but better

Deciding on KPIs means VC can set accurate targets and goals. All clients have the option of deciding on which KPIs they want to be included in their monthly reports.


Last fact checked and updated on November 29, 2021