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Technical SEO is a fascinating field.

All search engines have rules, Google included. However, the basic principles are that your company’s website content should be accurate, easy to access, and user-friendly free from glitches and technical surprises.

At VC, we correct all of the technical SEO issues so that we can concentrate on promoting our client’s services and products within Google.

With other SEO companies, it has become a witch hunt. Get your technical SEO correct, and the internet will rain money down on you. If only.

The truth is there is a balance.

Perhaps one way of looking at technical SEO is to run a free SEO audit online.

For example, here, we have tested Surely if Google wanted perfection in technical SEO, they would adhere to all of their rules? Crawlability, Canonical URLs, Hreflang Links, Doctype, favicon, the list is endless.

“The truth is a lot of these elements are not Google’s rules, there are coders ideas of what Google is rewarding in terms of mark up code. Many are redundant.”

It has been argued that some of Google’s changes have been developed to make advanced optimisation beyond the scope of non-technical amateurs.

VCM has been in the field of technical SEO for over 13 years.

It is often said that content is king; however, this is just not true.

Content can be defined in Google terms as including everything from the words we read to video, images, and code.

Even code can be divided into jQuery and JavaScript, server-side code and outputted HTML.

With the introduction of additional mark-up languages (JSON-LD is Google’s go-to schema mark-up), Google asks more from website owners to inform it on exactly what the website is about. So much the changes and optimisation refer to the use of language, words synonyms, antonyms etc., on the website.

Google is clearly asking you, the website owner, to fill in any blanks its algorithms may have in clearly understanding what your website is about. Therefore, an understanding of this type of coding is paramount to technical SEO.

Google is also asking website owners to wrap their content in a website that follows their guidelines.

This is actually quite simple once a few rules have been put in place. However, in our experience, Google is not very forgiving if you cannot keep your house in order, especially when it comes to accessibility.

“However, just creating a purely technically perfectly SEOed website is not the answer to gaining a #1 position in Google.”

How it works it VCM

  • Everyone who works at VCM can write in HTML. In addition, several people at VC are literate in codes like Python and PHP. Without coding knowledge, a lot of the adaptations that Google has asked for are not possible.

An example of the comprehensive technical SEO checks we make include:

  1. Domain and server including canonicalisation/canonical tags
  2. Google’s indexing of the site/crawl errors
  3. Navigation/site architecture and broken links/elements/404/301
  4. Site speed/image optimisation/sitemaps
  5. Correct use of semantic mark-up/or structured data, schemas etc.
  6. Google local and other google tools GA, Search console
  7. Mobile optimisation
  8. Backlink profiles and possible toxicity
  9. Duplicate content/spelling/grammar

Some of the most exciting work we do here at VCM concerns site architecture and the structure of URLs. Here we also study the relationship between internal and external links and the anchor text used within.

We also study the use of language for example trust words and how that language is best interpreted by Google and what the results are. All reports we create around technical aspects are completely understandable and all have productive solutions suggested.

“Part of the technical audit includes a Search console and Google Analytics Audit to ensure we can gather the right data to analysis.”

To all of us at VCM, this is extremely exciting.

GoogleInformation and evidence

Technical SEO costs money and does not always deliver ROI

We have numerous databases and several servers which include hundreds of websites. These are often used to test all of the misinformation that surrounds technical SEO and Google.

Simple things like page speed how important is it. We can understand from Google that the costs of data centres are one of their largest outgoings and so we listen to how Google wants us all to make the websites faster the images smaller, and the websites perfect for use on a mobile. But to what extent does Google reward us? 

The same with other coding changes and technical SEO updates, what is the cost/return ratio. We will not do our clients any favours if we spend time and (their) money on changes and code improvements that do not pay dividends.

There is a balance and VC believe we offer this balance perfectly.

“We know that harnessing well researched engaging content with the very latest in on site optimisation is a perfect winning receipe for a high Google ranking.”

Last fact checked and updated on November 30, 2021