Backend code is anything under the bonnet.

Backend code includes all technical aspects of SEO and the basics of running an accessible website. There are many myths around technical SEO. This is because as Google improves its algorithms making many old SEO rules redundant on the whole, most SEOs don’t seem to realise that they also need to update and reboot.

Technical SEO

All search engines have rules, Google included. However, the basic principles are that your company’s website content should be accurate, easy to access, and user-friendly free from glitches and technical surprises.

At VC, we correct all of the technical SEO issues so that we can concentrate on promoting our client’s services and products within Google.

Once the main focus of most SEO agencies, technical SEO has lost ground to words and language as the main scoring metrics for Google’s algorithm.


Code reflecting content

Site architecture is the cleverest way to explain content to Google.

What’s important whats not

Myth and truth. Is your code optimisation out of date?

Last fact checked and updated on November 29, 2021