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Conversion: turning web traffic into sales

Turn more browsers into buyers.

CRO is often seen as testing website elements to earn more conversions, leads, and sales. At VC it is far more than that. It is improving the UX through design elements that enhance the client’s narrative which in turn gives the customer all the information they need to purchase.

Clever eh.

What is working and what isn’t


We need data. At the beginning of every month, we create a GA document for every client.

This is a detailed analysis of the site’s Google Analytics or stats data. Which content is generating sales and leads and where is the site failing.


Conversion rate Optimisation


CRO includes processes and steps we take to maximise sales through the website. We are customer acquisition experts, we need all of the cleverly generated traffic to result in more client revenue.

The majority of our work is spent watching and talking to customers as they make their journey through the website. Sometimes this is through LiveChat other times it is through live analytics tools. It is fascinating how simple changes can improve the bottom line. Often it is a wood for trees scenario.


Why CRO and SEO should always go together


CRO is often the overlooked little brother in the Digital Marketing arena. Why? Because it is harder work. SEO has history and an element of black magic; how do they do this, would anyone non-rocket scientist ever understand.

Traffic without sales is frustrating. There is always a balance within content marketing of creating free information to show off knowledge and just producing content and receiving no reward.



  • Analysing data including advanced Google Analytics
  • Time and eyeballs to watch search in realtime
  • 20 years combined experience of successful CRO
  • In house graphics and infographic production

Last fact checked and updated on November 29, 2021