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2. Keyword and keyphrase research

Vanilla Circus© are an organic search agency. Our primary purpose is to secure buying traffic from Google; defined as traffic that leads to new customers.

The second stage of any content strategy is keyword research

Keyword research is begun by using Google’s Adwords tool to secure a list of keywords and an idea of traffic ‘per keyword.’ More on keywords.

From Google

It is our experience that the traffic numbers in the Google quotes have been multiplied by either 10 or 100 and cannot be used as an accurate measurement of available traffic instead can be used as a ratio of traffic.

By this we mean if a keyword is shown having 1000 searches a month and another keyword shows 100 then we can safely calculate that the first keyword is search for 10 times as many times as the latter.

From Clients

All clients are familiar with their own keywords. In fact, anyone who answers the telephone at a company is well aware of what customers are asking for and the language people use in spoken words is exactly the same as the language they use in a Google search.

What this does is invariably gives industry side keywords and the knowledge of brands that are currently popular.

Sometimes however it can be misleading when industry-speak is including keywords or keyphrases which a potential customer might not use.

From Google Analytics

Google Analytics is probably one of the most accurate means of correlating keyword popularity to actual sales enquiries. What we look at here are content drill-downs and reverse goal parts.

It is often the case that a small group of keywords, which may possibly not be the most competitive nor the most searched for actually generate over 50% of enquiries or sales.

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Last fact checked and updated on June 22, 2021

Last fact checked and updated on June 22, 2021