Audit Your Website Content - Sort & Identify Weak Content

Why audit the content on your website?

Websites grow. Divinity agencies different content marketing companies different social media agencies or get involved in growing content on a website.

Be it blog content or product/treatment content, all the words and all of the images basically make up the entirety of your website.

However over time SEO changes. In 2012 what was great keyword-rich content now is a stone around the website neck. Agencies that decided that 500 words were more than sufficient have been replaced by content writers aiming at 1400 words.

Simply put, content becomes out of date. There’s news content, evergreen content all of which could do with refreshing and updating.

The metrics for deciding which contents stays, which content goes and which content can be improved is largely dependent on metrics like traffic, Google ranking, social media signals and relevance.

However in reality it is impossible just to use these metrics to look at which pages are good and which pages are bad. Another metric is page size, or more accurately put the ratio between content and HTML. This is a good way of simply seeing how many words on a page. Short content is often poor content.

The advantage of doing a content audit means it begins to become very clear why a website performed so well in Google for a range of keywords and how far the keywords the website does not appear at all.

Useful tasks like counting all of the words of the website and seeing exactly what the ratio of keywords is in terms of the sum of the content are useful.

Clients are often reluctant to delete content. The reason because even poor content has a cost. However, updating and improving poor content often results in slightly longer poor content. It is often best to be ruthless.

Another advantage of auditing content is those possible to start looking at simple strategies to correct grammar spelling and to remove over optimisation what may look like spammy over internal linking or keyword stuffing.

It is also time to improve the overall architecture of the website and to clarify URL structure and URL naming.

VC undertook numerous content audits. It is one thing we really enjoy. Often what you find is that the reason why a website may not be performing is relatively simple to fix.  US English content is often to blame as are all content writers that have a limited understanding of grammar and spelling let alone any true realisation of what SEO actually entails.

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Cost of a content audit

The cost of the content order depends on the size of the website. Invariably the websites below circus work with are between 505,000 pages. Once agreeing metrics of the client on how we are going to measure thin content the process is quite straightforward and fast.

  • Cost of auditing the content on 500-1000 page website £2000
  • Cost of auditing content on 1000-2000 page website £3000

Results can be truly spectacular. Call Vanilla Circus on 020 8405 6418 for more information on improving your website’s content.


Last checked and updated on May 21, 2021