SEO only | Time: 20 hours pcm | Start date: Apr 2018  – Feb 2020

Traffic up 280% | Revenue up 64%


Alfa Aperio specialist periodontist clinic located on the borders of London and Essex. The remit was twofold. Firstly working with an external web designer to take existing content from an old website and reposition the content within the new site. Secondly, increase organic search traffic ranking highly in Google for particular keywords.

Having worked with a number of dentists and periodontist so we had the advantage of having knowledge of dental treatments.  The dental practice did not have the resources or the time to provide Vanilla Circus with any direction or content. We understand that our clients are extremely busy people and work hard at making decisions and creating solutions for clients to sign off as quickly as possible so that the SEO process of gaining traffic and hence new patients can begin.


Our objectives for this campaign were as follows:

  • Increase revenue
  • Increase sessions
  • Increase the number of new site users
  • Boost the number of patient enquiring
  • Lower the bounce rate



  • Content audit to remove thin content
  • Optimise Site architecture
  • Optimise and structure all remaining content
  • Add images and edit content into a more persuasive form to gain patients
  • Add new content from data gathered


  • Build new backlinks to the site from other dental related sites of authority

The advantage of launching a new website for Al-Fa Perio was that we could eradicate the original poor SEO work and create a much more friendly URL structure to base new content upon.

Content Audit: We were also able to remove poor content that was doing nothing for the site’s overall SEO without having to have a long list of redirects.


  • Off-page backlink link building up 1900%
    • A successful process resulting in the domain scoring a Moz rank of 19 (up from 10) and 193 referring domains. (Feb 2020)
  • Traffic up 280% from 483 pcm to 1377 pcm
  • Google rankings up for all core keywords in top 10
    • Gum specialists #4
    • Periodontist #3
    • Laser gum treatment #1
    • Receding gums #9

Last checked and updated on June 4, 2021