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2009-2021: our clients are extremely important to us. The quality and effectiveness of their work are paramount. Every Monday morning we brainstorm how we can improve their traffic, their sales and their brand’s presence within Google.

Client List

Unfortunately, our clients have complained about being spammed by other SEO companies and have asked us to remove their details from this page, which we have complied with.

Instead, we are listing the profession or industry our clients are in to give a flavour of the sectors and industries we work in. Reviews and testimonials are available on request for all new clients.

All of the below companies are either on a contract basis or ad hoc.

  1. Cosmetic Dentist W London
  2. Cosmetic Dentist London (2 practices)
  3. Cosmetic Dentist Central London
  4. Cosmetic Dentist Surrey
  5. Cosmetic Dentist Kent
  6. Dentist Group (all over SE (mainly North of London)
  7. Cosmetic Dentist Devon (implants only)
  8. Orthodontist London
  9. Therapist London
  10. Hospital Private (SW London
  11. Hospital Edinburgh
  12. Hospital Ireland
  13. Financial Advisor
  14. Lending and property finance
  15. Pension provider
  16. Manufacturer (North East)
  17. Manufacture and eCommerce (Surrey)
  18. Manufacturer Glass (Surrey)
  19. Roofing & Construction company (East)
  20. Facilities company (Nationwide)
  21. 12 Design companies (trade work, numerous)
  22. 32 SEO companies (trade work)
  23. 4 Australian and American agencies (mainly link building for UK companies)
  24. Medical Practice (Berkshire)
  25. Radio Stations (several)
  26. Billboard advertising company (Nationwide)
  27. Bus advertising agency (Nationwide)
  28. Pest control company (Nationwide)
  29. Plumbing and heating group (London and SE)
  30. Various medical consultants (ad hoc)
  31. Beauty salons (SW and W London)
  32. eBay (2016)
  33. Phillips (2014-6)
  34. Hertz (supercars) (2018)
  35. Private Detective (London)
  36. Insurance (Manchester)
  37. Insurance (London)
  38. Finance (Umbrella finance)
  39. Finance/tax (IR35)
  40. Manufacturing (Steel) (NI)
  41. PR company (Central London)

See case studies.

Last checked and updated on June 4, 2021

Last checked and updated on June 4, 2021