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Manual Backlink building service that improves your website’s Google ranking position: simple. Using our in house data to outreach the correct websites.

We are trusted to build links

VC works very differently from other link building companies and is trusted to build links for large PLCs, Philips and Tesco. We also generate half the company’s revenue through our own publishing network which relies on organic search and social media.

We simplify SEO link building by having eight criteria that a backlink has to match. It’s pedantic and it is time consuming but the result is effective and future proof. Not a single VC client has ever been effected negatively by Panda / Penguin.

The backlinks and anchor text we create have to adhere to the following criteria:

1. Be future proof and immune to Google updates
2. Be natural and convincing to both a web user and a search engine
3. Be surrounded by content which reflects the anchor text used and client’s services/products/keywords
4. Be from domains with a high domain authority / Moz rank, trust flow and citation flow etc
5. From a domain that has been tested to produce link juice
6. Have been listed positively on a past client’s webmaster tools as a backlink
7. Backlink content that has an element of manageability and can be changed to reflect SERPs
8. Have human traffic of over 10,000 users pcm

We have databases of both UK and international sites based on both link strength and theme. Within these sites, we know how and where a backlink will be most effective. It is time-consuming but it results in an effective backlink that will stand the test of time.

We have the advantage of 8 years of using Gates 360 to assist our manual link building strategies. Read more. But don’t take our word for it, call 020 8405 6418 and let yourself be the judge of our experience and SEO expertise.

Last checked and updated on June 3, 2021

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Last checked and updated on June 3, 2021