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We have been building links since 2009. That is over 12 years of choosing the right domain, the right URL, the right use of language and the right anchor text. If we can’t improve your link profile then no one can.

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Which domain? Moz, Majestic, just numbers that mean little or nothing

If you are involved in backlink building, you may have heard the terms Moz rank, domain authority, citation flow trust flow majestic HREF. What do they will mean?

In reality very little. Google’s backlinks scoring algorithm is crystal clear in the sense that everything is a ratio or a portion.

What this means is that a link from a domain with a high Moz Score, but with over 1 million pages is far less valuable than a link from a website with a lower Moz Score and perhaps 100 pages. Q & A on link building.

Moving away from domain metrics

Them moving away from domain metrics how do we know what makes a backlink that has the link juice or backlink power to move the site up in Google’s rankings, yet remain future proof and safe from any Google penalty.

The fact is we been doing this for over 12 years, whilst the domain metrics do play a small part we know fundamentally that the backlink looks right and sounds right then perhaps it is right.

Our experience. It is what is logical, what a user might expect to see. How do we do this, how does anyone become good at something; endless practice with trial and error.

On theme has been devised by humans?

The whole concept of links on theme we have proved as more or less impossible to write into an algorithm. Links on theme is something devised by humans. It is nearly impossible to tell exactly what the website is about through code and content alone.

For example the BBC. This is a new site by a company based in the UK. However, it reports on the news worldwide. It also has over a quarter-million radio and television pages. So what is it? Is it news, food, radio or theatre?

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What to write? Link content and supporting domain metrics

Then comes the linking content. Get this right and you will double the link juice to your company’s website.

All of the penalties you may have heard about where websites are dropped out of Google for buying links was nothing to do with the sites that were back-linking. There is no such thing as a spammy link or a spammy website.

If there was then you could add all of your competitors to these sites and then clean up. FAQs

The way Google assigned penalties was by calculating the amount of exact match anchor text a website may have had. For example: if there are thousands of links back to your website with the word SEO, then the number of these links was changed from x thousands to 1. Your site would fall out of the rankings.

Vanilla Circus© as a research company, spend the vast majority of our time testing new theories and old SEO rhetoric

One of the most interesting findings we have had this year is the way Google records anchor text. Gone is the simple metric of looking at the words within an HREF, and what has come in is to work out the context of the anchor text through the content that surrounds the link with a set of tags ie <p></p>.

What this means is there any company who are still building backlinks using anchor text which relies mostly on websites core keywords are actually doing their clients did this service, as these links have an unnecessary detraction or soft penalty based on the fact that the surrounding content is not being used dictate the anchor text. See top package prices for link building.

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Last checked and updated on May 19, 2021