What defines VC?

We have had 12 years to consider why it is, we do what we do.

So why SEO?

The reason VC do what they do is because of a love of the internet. 

We believe that the internet is a precious resource that needs nurturing and protecting. It is not Yellow Pages or a place for adverts hence why we don’t offer PPC. It is a Wild West of information and opinion in an ever-changing digital landscape that fortunately we have Google to index, copy and present to us in a format we can search and find with ease.

Why do we care about the work we do?

Well using the premise above, content that is poor or factually incorrect is of no use to the internet we want. Up to date content, fact-checked and presented in a readable and interesting format, cross-referenced for validity and well designed is our way forward.

Ensuring that our content stands the best chance of being rewarded, we optimise the web pages, neatly fitting them into the right site structure we know is logical and easily indexable.

We monitor live, the user’s journey through the webistes and measure how the pages are being received human side. We then re-visit and improve.

With this user knowledge, we can offer insights and possible new ideas to our clients to further their products or services.

The wheel keeps spinning, the internet and Google keeps changing and we are happy to be kept on our toes and behind our screens.

It is best to do one thing well, and we do SEO.

Google seems to like what we do and we like what we see Google do.

Last fact checked and updated on June 2, 2021

Last fact checked and updated on June 2, 2021