Meet the VC team

Vanilla Circus is very fortunate to have one of the best SEO teams in the UK capable of exceeding any clients expectations,

Benedict Sykes

Benedict was educated at Charterhouse and then Bristol University. Originally wanting to be an architect he switched to graphic design, forming his first company Follypress Design Company in 1994.

With the advent of the internet, he sold this company and switched over to web design. In 2003 he became fascinated with spiders, algorithms and search engines in the continual search for more free (organic) search traffic. His belief that the internet should give access to the very best information for free has always been his driving force behind his unique style of SEO. He is the founder of Vanilla Circus.

A programmer and writer his skills make him the ideal SEO that offers clients unique often industrial solutions that are far beyond the scope of the average digital media company.

Having worked for eBay, Tescos, Global Group  (Capital radio etc.) and Phillips alongside a host of SMEs he has found his niche within medical and financial content with a specialism in geo-target SEO.

He has helped write one book on SEO that was sold in PC World and is a member of Nominet. He has appeared on the BBC and radio discussing SEO and how Google is forever changing.

Best quote about Benedict. “If VC and Benedict can’t take your website to #1 [in Google] then no one can. More.

John Graham

John Graham is our Creative Director. He is a Fellow of the Royal Chartered Society of Designers and has been on various panels advising the UK Government on job creation in the Graphic Design industry. He currently acts as the creative force behind VC’s design projects.

John works on behalf of a number of household brands including Coca Cola and Currys.

His specialities include creative direction, Graphic design, Brand and packaging, Customer communication.

Libby Smith

Educated at Westminster University gaining a degree in English Literature, Libby is the content manager at VC.

With almost a decade of experience in helping websites achieve better success, Elizabeth Smith combines her knowledge of content marketing with evidence-based search strategies to deliver exceptional results for each and every client.

Alys Smith

Alys is a successful content writer at Vanilla Circus. With a Masters in English from Cambridge, she is a useful creative and proofreading addition to the team

Martha Reynolds

Martha is charged with working with the apprentices at Vanilla Circus. Her skills range from HTML to words.

Last fact checked and updated on June 22, 2021