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You may read quotes from VC in the Guardian, Radio 4, the Times and on the BBC. We prefer the telephone to email and if we do not think we can help you then we will say so immediately.

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Vanilla Circus© is a very capable, professional company

About VC

Vanilla Circus Ltd is an extremely diligent and confident company that prides itself on delivering the very best in SEO output for all clients. All five staff are engineers with a passion for websites, language and organic search.

Mr Sykes founded VC in 2009. He has 22 years of marketing experience, with 14 spent on digital projects, running both PPC and SEO campaigns. His team are fully capable of handling a project of any size.

Vanilla Circus Ltd, based in Wimbledon, undertakes specialist digital marketing strategies for UK businesses with a focus predominantly on Google’s organic search traffic. In addition, VC is a large online publisher with a network of websites generating traffic of 4,852,154 unique visitors pa (Sept 18).

VC engineers have skill sets that range from content creation and marketing, backlink creation and outreach, on page optimisation and web design /development. The company is headed by Mr Sykes, who is responsible for all client strategy and represents a client’s key contact.  No piece of work is completed until it has been reviewed and signed off by Mr Sykes.

VC research SEO. We always have a number of projects running that are designed to develop our own web spiders, search engine algorithms and auto content creation projects. We are always involved with new ideas and concepts that look to improve our coding and content output for our clients and to perfect our own brand of on-page optimisation.

The team at VC works with a number of large companies like Philips and Hertz as well as companies  We also work with a number of medical companies, dentists, tech companies and finance houses. Although our clients are UK based, we operate websites in France, Germany, Spain, China, Russia, Canada and the US.

VC specialise in traffic generation and advises companies like eBay, Tesco and Euroffice.

VC is at the forefront of SEO techniques and is often asked for our opinions on ‘SEO’ by the media including the BBC, the Times and the Guardian amongst a host of lesser-known digital publishers.

VC is known in the UK as the go-to company when all else fails. We work with over 57 SEO agencies across the UK, US and Australia offering consultancy and advanced backlinking strategies.

All work is highly confidential.

VC is a member of Nominet /  Company Number 06914386 / VAT registration No 993 9636 48

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Vanilla Circus© now employs 5 full-time staff and gives work to over 13 freelancers. Our technical skills, extensive SEO knowledge, and our core beliefs allow us to work in an environment where creative free flow meets technical hard drive.

Last fact checked and updated on June 22, 2021

Last fact checked and updated on June 22, 2021