SEO Reporting

A complaint we have often heard from new clients is that they had no idea what their SEO company was doing on a month by month basis.
That does not happen at VC.

All work is clearly documented

At VC all work implemented on the client strategy is documented clearly. Normally the action performed, the personnel undertook the work, the authority that authorised the work, date and time spent on the project, links to page etc. It is immensely detailed. The reason for this is two-fold.

  1. The client can easily see what content, coding or on or off-page optimisation has been done
  2. We have an exacting record so that when we are successful we know why and when things fail, we know not to repeat them

These documents are collated and emailed to the client on a monthly basis. There are also printed, bound and posted to all clients. On a quarterly basis, during our catch up meeting, the documents are printed and bound in hand to the client. This proved popular, but only with clients, but also with overseeing SEO consultants, who are monitoring changes, and looking into results from actions taken.

A possible SEO error is “to make so many changes or improvements to a website” that results in an increase in both traffic and search engine page rank, that when the dust has settled, neither the search consultant, the designer or link builder have any idea which changes, which links actually made a positive difference.

At Vanilla Circus we see documentation as a correct and required process.

We see client involvement and clear knowledge of our actions as imperative to success.

We are aware that not all of our SEO ideas will run current with a client’s marketing direction.

We are not precious and can easily adapt to a client’s overall marketing strategy.

Reporting Overview

All work is documented. All changes to site content and all backlinks including anchor text and linking content are recorded and sent to the client by email and in hard archive copy.

All Google ranking positions are supplied in a live data feed, updated hourly.

Any SERPs improvements are noted and emailed as they occur.

Updates are also emailed weekly in terms of progress updates.

At the end of the project or at the end of the month a number of agreed metrics are reported on.

Examples would be:

  • Google ranking positions improvement
  • Traffic (month on month)
  • Number of sales or Enquires (month on month)
  • Domain metrics MOZ and Majestic (month on month)
  • GA analysis of user journey
  • Any Search Console reporting

End of project/month reports also includes the next steps and what we are planning to achieve in the next work period and more importantly WHY.

Last fact checked and updated on June 4, 2021

Last fact checked and updated on June 4, 2021