Search Console

Webmaster tools now Search Console provide a small degree of communication between Google and a webmaster or person responsible for the website and can provide critical insight.

If you have a penalty then Google will not email you. Google will speak to you through its search console.

There are a few points to WMTs (now Search Console) that make SEO sense. Adding a sitemap.xml and submitting it to Google is a way of getting new content indexed faster.

There is also a fetch tool that will make Google index your website in real-time. Please note it only works on a Monday morning if you want to watch it in real-time.

This is because there are queues which are normally all caught up by the weekend and of course with the time lag, America is still asleep.

The most important part of the Search Console is the Search Appearance section. This is where Google announces any additional code that may help your website.

Last checked and updated on June 4, 2021