Google Analytics / Search console analysis

VC are experts at analysing web data and exploring new possibilities from the insights the data reveals

What is the traffic doing on your website?

Organic search and SEO are often seen as primarily about securing traffic to a website through achieving a high ranking position for a keyword.

Less is mentioned about the user experience optimisation and hardly anything at all about analysing data provided by Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools (now Search console.)

Webmaster tools / Search Console

Webmaster tools provide a small degree of communication between Google and a webmaster or person responsible for the website.

It and can provide critical insight into the lack of a website’s performance. Read more.

However, the majority of its tools are basic and are really more about problem-solving and looking into new codes that Google wants to introduce; for example, structure data. The real data is in Google Analytics.

Google Analytics Data is free

The first thing to remember about GA is that is it free, although there is an enterprise paid-for version.

Why, because the free version is not infallible and the statistics it provides will not always correlate with other stats packages.

That said, it is a highly complex, well-written piece of software that uses a clearly defined graphical interface to illustrate web traffic behaviour and source.

How VC use Google Analytics Data analysis

Data-driven analysis and UX Experience

VC are experts at analysing web data and exploring new possibilities from the insights the data reveals.

Analysis falls roughly into two parts.

  1. Data-driven analysis that looks at web traffic coming into the site from where and by whom etc.
  2. UX or user experience data, studies user’s behaviour at a granular level.

UX analysis is normally closest to the money as it is controllable, whereas data only driven analysis is the result of SEO /PPC / Social media campaigns.

Common UX data may include gauging ‘ acquisition’. ‘Acquisition’ is all about where the traffic originated from.

Track People, Not Pageviews

But this in itself is not really useful.

What is far more insightful is how does that traffic drive revenue. Below is a simple example of how VC use GA data to correct and improve content distribution within a website.

Uncover your top content: UX experience data

Correctly used GA data can help streamline a content strategy by looking at user’s journeys through the site’s content and identifying pages where users either exit the site or enquire/buy or which pages drive revenue.

We have worked with a number of businesses helping them to fully comprehend their web traffic and to gain real insight into their customer.

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Last fact checked and updated on June 22, 2021